1995 - Present, the tradition continues

Herb and Eloise walking away

In the mid nineties, after opening their home to so many for nearly fifty years, Herbert and Eloise decided it was time to pass their legacy along, offering the opportunity of Hilltop’s continued sharing and gathering to their now adult children, Teresa and Ty. Teresa, totally engaged with responsibilities on a remote ranch in the San Juan mountains of Colorado, chose not to return to work Hilltop. Ty, a licensed building contractor specializing in custom design/build in Arizona, saw the opportunity to continue the tradition of sharing Hilltop as one that not only provided reprieve from the Arizona heat, but additionally was an opportunity to share with his children the love and values that Hilltop inspired.

So the transition began as Ty, together with his wife Janelle and their three sons, Trygve, Galen and Saile, spent the summer months in Wisconsin tending Hilltop.

Each summer brought new projects. Gravel driveways became exposed aggregate courtyards, wooden counters became concrete countertops, a custom canopy was designed and built. The stable, hayshed and corral have become the Pavilion, redesigned to provide indoor/outdoor dance floors with a stage for a band or for performing arts. The inside of the stable now contains a wet bar and has ample space for workshops, classes or entertaining. Wedding receptions typically conclude with music, dancing and refreshments at the Pavilion.

The Tradition ContinuesMaintenance and revisions to >100 year old buildings remain endless; but with each change, always, attention is given to the integrity of the original buildings. Maintaining and ever extending Hilltop’s unique potential as a gathering place gives honor and tribute to the vision and genius of Herbert and to the dreams and gifts of Eloise.

Trygve and Galen, each with families of their own, are available only on occasion to assist with special projects. Today Ty and Janelle, along with their son Saile, continue to share Hilltop, nurturing and preparing with loving kindness, spaces that invite people to gather and inspire people to celebrate.