1985 - Hilltop, A Gathering Place

Herbert Fritz Eloise Bowyer.jpgWith the closure of Hilltop as a summer camp, it became only natural for Hilltop to remain a place of gathering, making use of facilities already in place and remaining open to continue to share the splendor of nature in a setting where buildings and landscape harmonize. Already, even before the camp’s closure, there were groups that took advantage of Hilltop’s unique setting, staging events early in the summer before the camp season began or later after the camp season was over.

Now, the entire summer being available, Hilltop became a popular site for groups seeking serene beauty and looking for a quiet space conducive to creativity and relaxation. Several university groups began using Hilltop during these years, to host various workshops, retreats, faculty and staff planning sessions.

The top of the hill where the original house stood, by this time long known as “the Hill”, now provides a magical area for wedding ceremonies and other gatherings. Surrounded by majestic trees, the view is extraordinary yet the feeling is one of inclusion and intimacy.